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Mathematics is one of the oldest sciences. Its role in one or another sphere of human life was different at different periods. It was formed historically, and its development was influenced by two factors – the degree of maturity of knowledge about the studied object, the possibility of describing its main features and characteristics in the language of mathematical formulas and concepts, that is, the possibility of building a mathematical model, and the second factor is the level of development of the mathematical mechanism itself.

It is considered that any only branch of knowledge has the right to be called a science if in it there is a place for measurements and mathematics. The degree of penetration of mathematics into a particular science is measured by the accuracy of that science and the perfection of its presentation of knowledge.

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It is through mathematical skills man not only learned to solve arithmetic problems, but also developed the flexibility of mind and the ability to make clear decisions in any situation of life. Mathematical mindset helps to solve problems even in everyday life, especially those that require consideration from different angles. In order to understand the essence of a particular problem, one must look at it from several angles, and this can already be done through imagination.

Many scholarly articles on mathematics suggest that counting predates even the names of numbers. Even in ancient times people used knots, pebbles and fingers, drew dashes and made notches on trees. With the increasing complexity of economic activity came the need to create more complex devices for counting – various accounts, and later mechanical counting machines. Man learned to count and constantly improved this skill.

The development of mathematics continues constantly. Today, new methods of calculation and the development of computer technology make it possible to perform various precise calculations in any sphere of human life.

Mathematics is not called an applied science for nothing. It must exist in conjunction with another science, that is, we can say that no other science is possible without mathematics, and, therefore, if man had not created the world of mathematics. He would never have mastered any other science.

At this point mathematics has become a powerful research tool in astronomy, physics, engineering, economics, industrial organization, biology, and other fields of science and industry.

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